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I got rid of a lot of clothes recently. The need to organise at home in preparation for a baby as well as a post-renovation urge to tidy and neatly arrange other parts of our house are to blame.

I gave away a lot of clothes to a local charity shop and minimised my wardrobe dramatically. I’m ruthless when it comes to throwing stuff out.

This has all coincided with recent occasional social media posts of me wearing… erm… clothes… let’s call those ‘style posts.’

There’s no real agenda behind these but, if anything I will make a habit of highlighting some of the brands that I like and wear often. That list is quite small for a couple of reasons so there may be lots of repetition in the posts.

Here’s why…

1. When I like something, I wear it and wear it and wear it.

I reckon that buying something which is of good quality is always worth it. A little extra expenditure doesn’t always mean better quality though. Some big brands cost more for the brand name/label. That’s not the kind of quality I’m talking about here. In fact, that’s not quality. That’s fashion and, style is not the same as fashion.

I pondered this a lot before I bought my first pair of Hiut jeans. I wear jeans all day almost every day. I had spent far too much money over the years on jeans, trying to get the right fit, keeping up with trends and then, replacing them because high street brands are never great quality. So, if I’m going to wear something constantly then I’d like it to be good quality.

2. Fast fashion.

I’m not starting a crusade to tell people what they should or should not wear. However, there are certain issues that have struck a chord with me and helped to inform my decisions about clothing in recent years.

The Hiut denim ‘No Wash Club’ for example, peaked my interest when I read more about the hows and whys.

Brands like Patagonia, Finisterre and Veja have great focus and standards and using Teemill for our Ruckus FC clothing side-project was a no-brainer when we looked into how and why they run their company the way they do.

These ethical standards are important. They are the opposite of fast fashion. The older I get, the more disturbed by fast fashion I become. Like I said though, i’m not about to start a campaign against fast fashion. Other people have better knowledge and more effective social platforms for that.


I’m not starting a fashion/style blog. Not really.