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I have vague recollections of the hype surrounding the 1982 World Cup in Spain. Northern Ireland qualified then and again in 1986 which, I have some more memories of but I was 9 years old and, nobody else in our house was too bothered about football… so, by the time I was 12, going on 13 in the summer of 1990 I was more eligible for control of the television.

Italia 90 was my first real World Cup experience… and, until this years World Cup in Brazil, I’m not sure I’d enjoyed another as much as in 1990…so, here’s to the wonderful World Cups… two of them! [sort of]

Stand-out moments of the 1990 tournament were Ireland and that penalty shoot-out against Romania. England getting to the semi-finals and playing good football along the way. Cameroon and Roger Milla. The disappointing Dutch team that promised so much. And of course, the Germans who seemed indestructible…

What are your World cup memories?