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First Minister Arlene Foster said the money would allow the airport to plan for the future.

The above quote is in relation to the £7m funding package to support the City of Derry Airport, currently running at a loss of more than £2m per year. The article also says £2.5m will be used for route development, which means attracting new airlines and that, a further £4.5m will be used to invest in the airport’s infrastructure. Whatever that means. Maybe it means they do have an actual plan.

Maybe Arlene Foster has phrased the above sentence poorly but, what she’s said encapsulates what I see far too much of when I look around Northern Ireland. Our local councils and their groups & agencies that scurry around making things better for us all… they always seem to display a money but no plan trend. The money is always the story, it’s always the big headline.

Get a grant, get funding… get local businesses to pay into a scheme.  And sure, we can work out the plan once we get the money.

But the money has to run out at some stage doesn’t it? And what then?