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Cherith is on maternity leave for one year.

I had a couple of lighter working weeks prior to Christmas and then two weeks off at Christmas so, it felt like I had a month off work.

As of this week I am back to work for my main client. This amounts to three and a half days a week and, for now I’ve decided to not work any other days through the week.

So, we are on a kind of combined maternity/paternity vibe with me working part-time.

It’s hard to take paternity leave when you are self-employed but, we managed to find a really great balance and are super thankful for how this has been possible.

I will (maybe) return to some of that work in due course but, I haven’t set an exact time on it because I may change my mind. The precious time spent at home with the boy over the holidays has made me re-think things.

During the year I aim to work on my art. Prints. Originals. Create a studio of sorts on one side of my office. Perhaps transition to be more artist than designer. Perhaps.

Meanwhile, I’ve minimised the website until I get time to present new work and do some figuring out.

As you were…