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If you want to know how people think and what they stand for, watch them.

You’re either a viewer of Love Island or you’re not. You probably either love it or hate it.

But don’t try to tell me that millions of us don’t aspire to the kind of celebrity, fame, image, quick-wealth, popularity and promiscuity that Love Island delivers to it’s contestants.

Show me the money

More people applied for Love Island this year than Oxford and Cambridge Universities combined. Approximately 85,000 people. Then there’s all of the other ‘reality television’ which thousands more apply for. The social media wannabes, vloggers and Instagrammers. Millions of people armed with phones, drones, cameras and ideas. Selling themselves as a brand.

Even if you aren’t monetising your social media output, you most likely are acting out the same selling of your own personal brand.

But, what about the money? The winning couple on Love Island receives £50,000 as a prize and that’s only the start…

A team of economists at the consultancy Frontier Economics concluded that contestants who last the full duration of the series can be expected to earn about £2.3m over the next five years, with a strong correlation between the time spent on screen and earning potential.

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How we aspire to and achieve ‘success’ has changed.

Pay attention to see what happens next.