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First we had this…


Then last night ahead of the official club announcement, this…



If you’re a football fan, then you’ll know who Paul Pogba is. The rumours about his move back to Manchester United have been flying around and intensifying for weeks. Rumours, blatant lies, more rumours… the blah blah blah as they say!

And yet this morning, it seems like everyone was guessing and that behind the scenes an orchestrated and well drilled machine just did what it always does. Club, player, agent, sponsor… with some teasing on social media.

These things take time when such huge amounts of money are being discussed. This deal certainly makes you wonder where the price and hype can go from here in football.

If you’re a United fan like me, then the opinions of other fans on price, hype and whether Pogba is the real deal will dominate the next few weeks and months. Only time will tell. Rival fans will hate our team again, which is how it should be!

Roll on the new season and let’s see what Pogba is made of.