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The clip features an excerpt from Brand New Ancients by Kate Tempest as delivered on the Charlie Rose show. Her debut album Everybody Down came out this month… and it’s pretty sweet…

Here’s a bit more detail Brand New Ancients.

An epic spoken word performance of every day Gods, Brand New Ancients follows two South London families as their respective generations grow and intertwine into a parable of modern life. Highlighting the immortal and very real truths of love and loss, Brand New Ancients is a call to arms for the modern day hero. Set over an exhilarating live score played by tuba, cello, violin, drums and electronics, that finds the gods of today all around us and reveals that our true heroes are much closer than we think.

Brand New Ancients is a Battersea Arts Centre co-production which has been developed with audiences through the Scratch process.

It won the Ted Hughes Prize for Innovation in Poetry and a Herald Angel Award in Edinburgh.

Kate’s website is here

[Featured image by Ruler]