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Well, it’s just like Brexit, isn’t it? The appalled tone of the BBC six o’clock news, my daughter’s refusal – she’s nine – even to get out of bed, my nice colleagues declaring that they cried, simply cried, at the result. It was everyone’s opening gambit: Can you believe it? Yes, personally, I could. After the last election, after Brexit, I wasn’t surprised that the pollsters called it wrong and I’m looking forward to hearing them wriggle out of this one, like they tried to last time.

– from Cheer up! Donald Trump’s victory isn’t all doom and gloom – read the full article here.

I suppose we will be talking about this for days, weeks, months… maybe years.

I awoke suddenly at around 5am, I’m not sure why. I checked Twitter and a Trump victory was all but certain at that stage. I nodded off again, mumbling about how “I knew it!”

Over the past year I’ve said on several occasions that I thought Trump would triumph. I’m no political expert but something is happening in our world. Politics is being side-swiped repeatedly. The polls are getting it wrong again and again. Social media is awash with outrage, despair and fact-less shouting. Populism is rising and circling around the globe. It would be easy to get swept away with the frenzy in a panic.

It’s polarising and, there’s no room for middle ground anymore. You’re either mad over there or mad over here. Remain and Brexit voters are still clashing viciously on social media and, will continue to do so I expect.

Brexit and Trump are only the beginning. Upcoming elections in France and Germany aren’t far away.

But, to lump all of the supporters of all of the above into one kind of global village idiot grouping, displays incredibly shallow thinking…

Trump as president is ridiculous to be sure. It’s like every bad dictatorship in American movie history somehow made alive and real.

Today’s reaction, as with Brexit? Wow.

But, can I believe it?


– Illustration above by me.