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Since switching from the original big, stainless steel backed iPad to my new iPad mini at the start of this year I have found myself using it a lot more. The smaller iPad is cosier in my hand, the perfect size for reading a book, easy to carry and doesn’t have that horrible metallic back.

When we first bought it we purchased a cover from Amazon – it is faux tan leather and cost less the £2.00, and we intended to replace it once a better option turned up. Low and behold 10 months later we are still using our ill fitting cover but this week I took a little browse around the web for a better option. here is what I found.

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Available from PochetteGavotte Etsy store all these beautiful tablet cases are handmade and cost less that £16. Head over and take a look at their laptops sleeves and all their fabric options and pick out your favourite.