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Running is something that I never thought I would be able to do. But with a little help I have managed to finally make a start. I’m never going to manage a marathon but I am very excited to report that I can actually run in a straight line for quite a little distance without keeling over. For me that is progress.

Here is what helped me along.

1/ A visit to the Doctor.

About two years ago I visited the doctor to finally sort my asthma out once and for all. I have never suffered badly and because I have had asthma since I was young it has never seemed like a big deal to me. But apparently it is a big deal when it wakes you up in the night, and when you end up puffing on an inhaler after laughing at your husband’s bad jokes. So together we got it sorted out with a new regime of inhalers and it worked. Couple that with a year of high intensity work outs and I finally felt confident that I could manage a trot around the block. Now I hardly use my inhaler at all.

2/ “Running like a Girl” by Alexandra Heminsley

After hearing Alexandra talking on the radio about her book I picked it up as part of the buy one get one half price deal in Waterstones. I was interested to read her story but never though that it would be helpful for me. However the book is funny, insightful and had solid advice that helped me over my run-phobia.

3/ Nike+ Running App

I am not competitive at all but there is something about seeing your distances recorded that makes me want to do better every time I go out. I may not be fast or covering big distances but I certainly am improving and the App is proof!

4/ Get some carefully selected cheerleaders

Most people wouldn’t be terribly impressed at the runs I am slogging through, and I am not brave enough to share my stats on the internet, but I have a band of merry friends who know that managing my first half mile was a massive deal. Thanks to all the folks who cheer me on.

5/ Find your running music

Yeah I know that it is tempting to start downloading “power songs’ to get you moving but so far I have resisted and am sticking with music that forces me to regulate my pace and not race off too quickly. Daft Punk have been a steady favourite for me when I am running with some Rudimental tucked away for those killer uphill climbs and that last half mile.

So I’m not breaking any records but I am enjoying regular runs. If you are in the same non-road worthy condition that I was in last year then I suggest picking up a copy of “Running like a Girl” and pulling your trainers on.