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January is finally over and this year it feels like it lasted a lifetime. Thankfully I have not picked up several resolution which have been broken but focused on getting things that need to be done, done. It has been a busy and exciting new year and here are the things that got me through the month in one piece.

1/ Glossier balm dotcom – this was part of my Christmas gift. At first I thought that it was just another sticky lip balm but I was wrong. This is moisturising without being sticky and rich without being glossy. I also have kept it on the living room table meaning it is always on hand which means that I am using it loads. Whats the difference between balm dotcom and good old vaseline, or  my pawpaw balm? Glossier have developed a long lasting, paraben free, fragrance free, cruelty free product that woudl probably repurchase. I also picked up the Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser (awesome) and the Priming moisturiser (which smells wacky). Glossier Website.

2/ Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand – an old favourite, lasts for ages and smells amazing. This is probably our third one of these. If you are ever visiting a city with and Aesop store then make it a priority to call in. All stores are uniques and the architecture and design is always perfect. We visited the store in Edinburgh and Paris – no stores in Ireland yet. Aesop Website.

3/ Sheepskin Slippers – Yes please quite simply the snuggliest looking pair of slippers around. However limit them to household use only as I’m not sure that the soles will make it outside. Also they are deceptively chilly. But they are beautiful. I picked my pair up at Forage Somerset. Forage Somerset Website.

4/ Parenthood DVD – I don’t know if you remember the Bravermans from Parenthood which appeared on Channel 5 a long time ago. Well I watched it and then it disappeared. A few weeks ago I remembered the first series and heading online and found out the the 6 series boxset had just been released – get in my shopping bag! Currently being watch on rotation with The West Wing.

5/ Mini Hot water bottle – This is perfect size for a hot water bottle. Not too big – very little hot water is needed to fill it and it is perfect for heating up your feet on a chilly day. Very effective for working / blogging because it can be discreetly hidden away and you can get on with your work. I have yet to venture out with a hot water bottle but the snow and stormy weather has made me think about taking this out in the car with me. Do people do that?

6/ Osiris Glasses – Long time favourite of mine. These frames are the ones I wear all the time around the house. Recently I was bewitched by the new Balmain range sold by Specsavers. So much so that I was in and had a little try on of their range. I was particularly interested in the angular wireframes. However, I was gutted as they really didn’t suit me. But I really still love my Osiris frames. I had a little look online and they appear to be discontinued but I still recommend Specsavers for a wide range of great frames. My hint is to try the mens frames which are often have better shapes but in plainer colours.  Specsavers Website.

So we made it through January and I’m excited about a new month! Come on February.