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“I’m not looking for euphoria…” says Ed at around 11 mins 40 seconds.

And then he says “Change is hard, change takes time.”

I’m not convinced by too many politicians, I am even less convinced by celebrities who think they speak for ‘us’ but, there are some fascinating points in this interview.

Avoiding euphoria has been a crucial part of building community and audience around coffee and Ballymena for us.

Slowly, on our terms, always learning and listening.

It would be too easy to generate hype…’Giddy, yes we can euphoria.’ If we wanted to do that we would record an interview with a celebrity, craft an 8ft limestone tablet with our vision carved into it… or less dramatically, build an app, plan a big event, run a marketing campaign, hire a PR company.

All of that is easy! Change takes time but, it also takes focus and honesty.