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Gap say “Dress Normal” . . . we say “we have been for years”. In an oddly compelling move US fashion store has dressed top celebrities in their brand until the tagline “Dress Normal”. Awkward or Advertising genius? I’m really not sure but I have been enjoying these “normally” dressed celebs.


gap-fall-camp-_0000_Layer 3

gap-fall-camp-_0002_Layer 1

gap-2 gap-3 gap-4 gap-5 gap-anjelica-hed-2014

Well there to are – if you wear anything other than this GAP suspect that you are dressing abnormally, I suppose. This reminds me of the no trend “normcore” dressing which is apparently taking the fashion world by storm. It seems designers and buyers have realised that trainers, cashmere sweaters, jogging bottoms and bomber jackets are more comfortable that 8 inch heels and cocktail dresses – again, we’ve been doing that for years!