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We had new windows and exterior doors fitted this week.

When we spoke to someone about a quote, they came when they said they would.
We agreed a price.
They had to come back and measure up the windows. They came when they said they would.
They said the job would be completed before the end of June. It has.
The price didn’t change. A deposit meant the work could start.
It took the workmen two days to complete the job. They said it would take two days.
They said they wouldn’t disrupt my awkwardly positioned broadband/phone cable. They didn’t.
They said they would leave everything really tidy. They did.



We get used to unreliable so much that this kind of impeccable experience can be a bit of a surprise.

Because people often don’t say what they mean. They make promises they can’t keep. Say things they have no intention of carrying out. Vague. Sketchy. Unplanned. Lack of clarity.

And many of us blame busyness.

The guys fitting our windows are super busy though. Doing actual hard physical work. I heard them take phone calls about other work. I heard them planning the rest of the week. I heard them planning next month. They are busy. But they did everything they said they would. They were clear. Intentional. Prepared. Organised. They showed up on time. Did a fabulous job.

I feel kind of daft for writing this post but for every one of these experiences, we often have to wrestle with nine other “busy” people faffing about at being nothing more than a big let down. Reliable and trustworthy people are a beautiful thing. They are worth celebrating.

These are the kinds of people you want to work with and recommend.



Our windows were fitted by S Dooey & Co.