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At the moment, it’s millennials who are accused of this kind of entitlement, despite their shrinking access to nice things — secure jobs, employer-provided health care, affordable housing — that baby boomers took for granted. But similar complaints echo backward. Twenty-five years ago, it was Generation X that was criticised for the same things, in the same terms, sometimes in the same publications. “Grow Up, Crybabies, You’re America’s Luckiest Generation,” sighed a 1993 Washington Post headline. “They’re impatient waiting for job promotions and want all the perks associated with ‘paying one’s dues’?” — a bank employee said that in a 1997 article in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. To read a 2013 article in Time magazine calling millennials “lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow” feels like having dozed off years ago and woken up just in time to see history repeated.


History always repeats…