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I’m not a fan of “rules” for how one should dress but I recently have found a foolproof way to look together at that weird time of the year when its warm but wet and windy so you need your outfit to look good even when you throw your coat over the top.

Normally I throw on my parka, or a trench coat without thinking but if you want your outfit to look ‘together’ without looking overdone try the necklace + coat combination.

Necklace + Coat = Easy Dressing


I have a pink trench coat from Topshop that is easy to throw on when it’s raining but sometimes it actually looks like i’ve literally thrown it on and been thrown out of the house. So I smartened it up with a contrasting necklace from New Look. The shape is interesting and the colours blend and work with my coat. Best of all it can be worn with a t-shirt, shirt, sweatshirt – basically whatever you are wearing.Here are some other options.


Top: H&M Denim Trench & Zara White Metal necklace

Bottom: Topshop Parka & Zara Silver and Gold Chunky Chain

An easy cost effective way to coordinate your rain coat with your outfit.