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“We have no goals. We have no revenue targets, no financial goals other than to be profitable, and no growth goals, no user growth. None of that stuff. I think that’s another thing that makes people crazy.

So just, let’s see how we do.

Let’s just do our best work. We should be doing our best work anyway, so let’s just do that. Versus like making up some bullshit number. Like, “Let’s do a whatever, x million something this year.” If you either hit it, great, then if you beat it, then it wasn’t high enough. If you hit it, fine, then you make up another one next year and if you don’t hit it then you feel bad. Like, why put any of those pressures on you? Just like do the best work you can and you’ll be fine.”

YES!! Fantastic interview if you have time to check it out.

Full Interview here.