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This year we will be sharing a home renovation with you.

How much we show at this stage depends on how quickly we get started with the work but, we are in early conversations about kitchen, flooring and lighting.

What we do know for sure is that we will be turning three rooms into one open space.

Living, cooking and eating all in one space. If you’ve been in our home you know it’s not a massive space but its not tiny so, yea… you’ll see soon enough.

The sunlight we enjoy at the back of our house from mid-morning until sunset is one of the huge influences on why we want to open up the rooms. We also really want a free flowing space which will suit our way of life better. I work from home and will still have a separate office unaffected by the changes but, it will make a big difference to the flow of our home.

We hope to share more info really soon…