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Ole Ole Ole

How about these guys, now in their seventies, endlessly touring a huge back catalogue of music with a new album imminent and no signs that they will stop soon. We love The Rolling Stones and as music films go this is pretty great. Even if you’re not a fan of the music, this has so much more to say about Latin America and specifically Cuba.

It’s good to be reminded of the freedoms we have here in the UK. Freedom that allows us to vote, import, export, travel, grow, develop… individually and collectively.

The point here is that the band were playing in Cuba, where Fidel Castro and his ridiculous regime had banned rock music for decades. During the film one man spoke of being jailed for listening to rock music in public and, countless others spoke of the underground movement of Stones fans in Cuba amidst all the other restrictions being placed on their lives. The banning of music is only a small part of what you see in the film.

The Castro brand of socialism was bleak and dangerous… hideous in it’s banning of rock music but, also evil in it’s abuse of human rights. It’s been stunning to see praise for Castro and his oppressive dictatorship in the last couple of days but, it reminds us that people here – where we are free – would have us bound by the same chains given the opportunity.

A glimmer of hope of a new future for Cubans was actually visible in the film… aided by The Rolling Stones and their music. That’s the power of music I guess.

It will be interesting to watch Cuba now that Castro is gone.