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Welcome to our first Simpson Showdown in which a husband and wife will defend their favourite things. In our marriage there are lots of things that we both love but sometimes our views differ – so welcome to our debate. We each get three concise points with which to convince you of our choice, and then you decide who wins.

First up – Coffee v’s Tea

Cherry defends her drink of choice – tea.

1. Minimal Preparation – Tea is as easy as pouring boiling water into a cup. That is literally all that is needed – no weighing, no grinding, no vacuum packed packaging. Just water, heat and a tea bag. Keep it simple stupid!

2. Reliability – Tea is rarely wrong. Who can mess up putting water over a tea bag. It is reassuringly there, ready in a mug to warn your hands in the winter and can cool you down on a summers day.

3. Variety – Tea can literally heal you. Well kind of. Ginger tea can sooth a dodgy stomach, peppermint tea is invigorating, rooibos tea can help fight cancer (and help you get rid of lots of vowels in scrabble). The list goes on. Beat that coffee . . . . .

Ally defends Coffee

1. Attention to detail – great things take time and effort right? Coffee, if prepared thoughtfully and with precision can be a beautiful thing. The freshly roasted coffee, perfect weight of coffee to water ratio, water temperature and gentle focussed pour can yield an amazing coffee experience.

2. The chase – everything I just described in point one is easy to mess up. The thrill of the chase to perfect a great cup of coffee is part of the fun… One day you nail the pour, the next day you pour the water too hastily…

3. Coffee has a story – If you are buying freshly roasted coffee, the changing coffees on offer from your roaster of choice throughout the year should be exciting. Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala or Tanzania… whichever coffee producing country… the beans have a story, from origin to roast.