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I’ve been asked a few times recently about what Coffee NI is and, what we hope to achieve with it… yikes!

We just changed the ‘about’ page to reflect where our head is at right now, it says this;

Coffee Northern Ireland is first and foremost an online community with a focus on speciality coffee. We are situated in Northern Ireland.

We blog, Tweet, Instagram and share our journey on Facebook, connecting with the growth of speciality coffee in Northern Ireland and throughout the rest of Ireland and the United Kingdom. We are making the rest up as we go along because we are learning new things every week…

We were the Official Media Sponsor for the Northern Ireland Aeropress Championship in 2015.

The change of description is minimal but important, we think.

This kind of ‘tell us about yourself’ thing is always a bit ‘blah blah blah’ right?

We don’t want it to be!

Here’s a thought on the ‘blah blah blah’ from Seth’s blog today;

Cross out every sentence that could have been written by someone else, every box check, every predictable reference. Now, insert yourself. Your truth and your version of what happens next.

Read that full post here.

Doing things the way you want to do things is challenging.

Be yourself, try to remove the blah blah blah!