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How are you ever going to keep a pair of Adidas X Alexander Wang shoes clean?

Even in the cleanest of conditions, I sit with one foot on top of the other or with one foot twisted sideways. Couple that with being a bit of a fidget and, I’m marking the uppers of all my footwear constantly.

I don’t really feel the need clean to shoes very often either. I reckon you should clean your shoes for a wedding, a funeral and possibly a job interview, depending on what/where the job is. Certain types of shoes obviously need more care than others but, I’m a big advocate of the scuffed up look.

Shoes with suede on them have long been neglected by me because I know that I’ll get them wet, not protect the suede and just destroy them.

But, I now have a new pair of Adidas trainers – that I love – with suede on the toes so, what do you do when you need to clean and protect your Wangs? [or any other suede footwear]



Look at this… a superb little branded Adidas cleaning kit. I am sure you would be able to pick up a supermarket equivalent or something similar in a local shoe shop but, I can’t resist that trefoil logo.

In the box you get a bottle of ‘suede liquid,’ a sponge-like square and a block of white rubber. The suede liquid has an easy sponge applicator attached which makes it really easy to use. A few small drops brushed around the suede area makes everything clean again. Super clean. The sponge is rough but smooth enough to wipe off any dirt and grime nicely and, that rubber block is super for cleaning off darker scrapes and scores on the white sections of the sole and uppers.

What a great little kit for keeping your shoes clean. Tip top clean suede toes etc.

I bought this from ASOS who appear to have now sold out but, if you want some of this awesomeness for your shoes do a Google.