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“Do one thing well” is the mantra of Hiut Denim.

But, can you really just do one thing well? I like the idea of it and of course, it’s 100% possible but do we really believe it’s enough.

If 2016 has taught me anything it’s that I am a designer and, as a result of recent opportunities to create some illustrations for clients… i’m also starting to say ‘artist’ tentatively. They are sort of the same thing right? Designer. Artist.

And that’s it.

I am not a writer. An entrepreneur. An events planner. A coffee professional. A social media expert. An ideas guy. A business guru. A developer. A coder. A public speaker. A leader.

I may have something to say about some or all of these things but, that’s as far as it goes.

So can you really just do one thing well and not get sucked into some or all of the other things that people expect or want? I see a lot of jack-of-all-trades characters in the design and tech world but also in business, organisations and church. Very few – if any – are brilliant at everything. Too many people in modern life seem to be under the illusion that you can be brilliant at everything.

Sometimes you have to lay down tools and assess what it is you are actually really good at. If it’s just one thing, then so be it.

Your attention to that one thing may just make you great at it.

In 2017 then… Designer. Artist.