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The extent of creativity in abstract design is unmatched because it focuses on feelings instead of logic, and the reaction or emotion one may have prior to getting information. While there may have been intention from the artist, it’s generally left up to the viewer to interpret what it could mean and enjoy the process of it.


Brutalist sites are often in the realm of the abstract. They contain objects or words that are not relatable or discernible in any logical sense, but produce interesting one-off experiences. If it gets an emotional reaction such as humour or surprise, it’s probably worth it.

–  from How to Brutalize the Web by Christian Miller.

I’m a little bit over the idea of conventional right now. I still have to do it… and I get that it’s required for some, maybe many people, businesses etc.

But, straight lines, aligned text, aligned images and neat orderly content is so conformist.

I’ve been brutalizing this site piece by piece for a few months now because I can. A while ago I was completely over the moon when someone from a web design company called me to see if I would like help building a ‘proper website.’

Achievement unlocked! Be more brutal. I could be more brutal, maybe I will be.