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“Blue lips, blue veins
Blue, the colour of our planet
From far, far away.” Regina Spektor.

When I heard this Regina Spektor song I recognised a common pale girl problem. I am very pale, and sometimes if I am under the weather or too cold my lips actually do turn blue. To combat this I have been trying to find a lip gloss/stain/stick which would cover up my pallid lips without making me look like a wannabe goth/Morticia Adams.

The best thing that I have found came in the Black Honey pack which I got for Christmas;

photo 1

The Black Honey lipstick is sold as a ‘universally flattering shade”. This is hard to believe when you first open it and realise that the buttery gloss is almost black. But once applied to the lips it produces a pleasingly healthy lip colour and combats any of my pale blues.

photo 2

It is more like a lip gloss and balm in one rather than a waxy lipstick which makes it east to use and reapply. And you will need to reapply it because it won’t last all day but is good enough for an evening out.

photo 4

Despite the fact that I am not a beauty blogger nor am I a make up expert, I am fast becoming a big Clinique fan. Their mascara is wonderful and their nail polish is toxin-free. I’m pretty sure that I will be adding the Black Honey lipstick onto my beauty shopping list in order to keep those blues at bay.

2014-01-12 10.56.51