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You blew it

Recently, I’ve had two moments where I expected a credit… and by credit, I mean my name printed in small letters somewhere. Simple right? Two entirely different circumstances ended with the same outcome. No credit.

Like I said, these were two different circumstances but both could and maybe should have ended with a similar acknowledgement of “oops, that was wrong.”

What happened?

One was beautifully handled and I’ll blog about that another time. The other was a fumbling balls up. I won’t blog about it because it’s done. You blew it.

After the first and well handled encounter, I walked away more than happy to say ‘I’m still with you, still loyal. Because of your honesty.”

The other? I don’t like to hold grudges or resentments [and I have broad shoulders] but, I’m not sure about you now.

You blew it.

In the grand scheme of things it was a situation that doesn’t matter but, you blew it.



Ps: this is not an ego thing. It’s an artist thing.

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Buy less crap

We watched the Stacey Dooley doc on fast fashion the other night. If you haven’t, iPlayer it. It’s super challenging. I thought I was doing kind of ok with my clothes shopping… i buy good quality that I love and then I wear it to death, I have a small “wardrobe” with a few repeats, same/similar t-shirts and similar colours… I’ve said some of this before though. I can’t help but wonder about the current complaining in Belfast of a decrease in footfall re: the Primark fire and then the impact that loss of sales has on some of the environmental issues/fast fashion problems caused by Primark… I think the bigger issue is still our environment and the people directly affected, not Primark, it’s Belfast customers and surrounding businesses… maybe ???? Anyway, I digress. In a nutshell: Buy less crap from morally bankrupt brands.

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Storm Callum has been in full swing since the middle of last night. I woke at 2am and listened to it for a while. The sounds of trees bending, an already semi-wrecked garden fence drifting back and forward in the gusts and the distant rattles of a bin hurtling along the street…

I had been working on this painting but felt like calling it Callum was appropriate today.

You can see more work here.

The Hockney Window and an iPad

The most interesting thing about this new window by David Hockney…

He said he had reworked the design for the window from an earlier painting using an iPad. Mr. Hockney has used new technology extensively throughout his career and has exhibited works created with iPhones and Polaroid cameras alongside his paintings in some of the world’s most important museums.

Read the article and see the window here.

I’ve wrestled with the idea that art created on an iPad was somehow less valid or that it wouldn’t get the same respect as a grand old canvas.

Hockney is a trailblazer. And, as with all artists, you either like what you see in his work or you don’t. Reading about his use of technology and especially iPads and iPhones has greatly encouraged me.

See my Seasons collection and a few other sketches here.

Or go look at


Art Intentions

A one-off print to see how my new work looks on paper…

Without giving away too much of my sketchy plans (see what I did there) I am aiming for a printed promo business card type announcement (you’ll see) before the end of the year then limited print and one-off original work for sale… sometime in 2019… I may aim and miss but that’s the life of an artist eh? I’ll be creating no matter how the timeline works out, in between changing nappies etc.


More soon

Kanye’s Social Media idea

Kanye West has been saying some interesting stuff on social media about social media…


And, we wholeheartedly agree.