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But I am doing it

I’m not sure how this is all going to look or what it’s going to be, yet.

But I am doing it.

Do the best work you can

“We have no goals. We have no revenue targets, no financial goals other than to be profitable, and no growth goals, no user growth. None of that stuff. I think that’s another thing that makes people crazy.

So just, let’s see how we do.

Let’s just do our best work. We should be doing our best work anyway, so let’s just do that. Versus like making up some bullshit number. Like, “Let’s do a whatever, x million something this year.” If you either hit it, great, then if you beat it, then it wasn’t high enough. If you hit it, fine, then you make up another one next year and if you don’t hit it then you feel bad. Like, why put any of those pressures on you? Just like do the best work you can and you’ll be fine.”

YES!! Fantastic interview if you have time to check it out.

Full Interview here.

Log off. That ‘cookies’ sh-t makes me nervous

The Sopranos first aired twenty years ago in January 1999. There was lots of fanfare and ‘remember when’ last week when that date arrived. The main cast was reunited to celebrate and reminisce and, for those of us who are and were huge fans, there were lots of lovely stories and fun memories shared in the interviews and articles that followed.

All of this was a little bittersweet given the absence of James Gandolfini.

When Dominic Chianese fondly and emotionally remembered some of his moments with Gandolfini… a suggestive and lurid golf club gesture and a simple “don’t you love me?” line… I cried. He cried as he shared this memory. There were more poignant moments like this as cast members talked about ‘Jimmy.”

I’m a little emotional and overwhelmed with the early weeks of fatherhood and lack of sleep but, I think I would have cried anyway.

The Sopranos means so much to me.

Perhaps that’s a ludicrous thing to say about a tv show, especially one that’s so often violent and shocking.

I’ve watched the series from start to finish multiple times, often ending the final episode and immediately starting at the very beginning again in one sitting. Like so many fans, I first loved the mobster movies that would influence this show so much but, in time I’ve grown to love Tony and his crew far more than Henry Hill or Michael Corleone.

I could write loads about the origin of the show and how David Chase stood firm with his vision. I could re-write anecdotes that have already been shared and re-shared all around the web… as if to try and justify why it’s my favourite show of all time or why it’s better than The Wire or Breaking Bad.

I won’t. I’m just a fan after all.

In response to the media frenzy last week I saw lots of “never watched it, should I?” comments. I used to pitch it to people as a must view… I hadn’t done it for a while and then a few weeks ago I told the midwives delivering our son that they should watch it when we got to talking about “box-sets.” It was a tense moment!

But hey, either you watch it or you don’t.

Here’s what I know…

I’ve watched it more than anything else on tv. I know vast chunks of the dialogue. I see something new almost every time I watch an episode. It paved the way for a golden era of television shows and box-set binge watching. Tony is not a nice guy but, I love him. The big story and stories within it are complex, tragic, poignant and sometimes beautiful. The Russian got eaten by squirrels. Angie is running her own crew. The Blue Comet is still for sale. Patsy is still running. Furio is squeezing mozzarella somewhere in Italy. Bobby Jnr whacked Janice. Sil came out of his coma. Tony, Carmela, AJ and Meadow are just fine.

Ok, maybe not…

That said, it doesn’t matter what “happened” at the end, when the screen went black. It’s only television.

The absolute best television ever.


Cherith is on maternity leave for one year.

I had a couple of lighter working weeks prior to Christmas and then two weeks off at Christmas so, it felt like I had a month off work.

As of this week I am back to work for my main client. This amounts to three and a half days a week and, for now I’ve decided to not work any other days through the week.

So, we are on a kind of combined maternity/paternity vibe with me working part-time.

It’s hard to take paternity leave when you are self-employed but, we managed to find a really great balance and are super thankful for how this has been possible.

I will (maybe) return to some of that work in due course but, I haven’t set an exact time on it because I may change my mind. The precious time spent at home with the boy over the holidays has made me re-think things.

During the year I aim to work on my art. Prints. Originals. Create a studio of sorts on one side of my office. Perhaps transition to be more artist than designer. Perhaps.

Meanwhile, I’ve minimised the website until I get time to present new work and do some figuring out.

As you were…

Hospital Dec18

He came early. We were due on 25th Dec but our boy had other ideas…

Waiting in a hospital offered all kinds of quiet contemplative moments… while Cherith and the marvelous staff did all of the hard work.

James Gandolfini

I started watching The Sopranos again…

I had planned to wait until our firstborn was here because people kept saying we should plan some box-sets for those first few weeks of sleep, feed, change, sleep, feed, change, repeat…

I couldn’t help myself. It’s ok though, if I need to go back and watch it again that won’t be a problem.

I’m getting close to twenty viewings of the entire series now. Yikes.

Here’s a new sketch of James Gandolfini.

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