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Growing up I was immersed in a culture, particularly an evangelical culture, that said ‘you’re going to do big things for God, Vincent.  You’re going to change the world. You have so much potential’ and I got this from leaders, from ministry camps in the summer, from my church.

and then…

There’s this weird pressure internally because of our culture that I’ve got to be awesome, be this amazing person,” Bradley explained. “It’s related to this generation’s narcissism that unless my life is really awesome and cool and noteworthy, then my life means nothing.

These two quotes come from an article titled Radical for Jesus a New Kind of Legalism? [read it here]

I’ve never wanted to do “awesome” things.

Being radical and awesome, winning, victory, favour, success…

Who gets to decide what these things really mean anyway?

Being radical and awesome is just as real in the actions and dedication of someone working in retail, as a barista or at home as a parent as it is in the life of someone working for the ‘church’ or going overseas to ‘do mission.’

Us Christians sure have a knack for warping meaning and re-creating new types of legalism.