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I tried a new pair of Adidas AG boots this week. I instantly liked the snug fit around my feet, more studs, lower profile… but, would any of this make a difference to my football experience?

Here’s what Adidas say;

Dominate space. Command the play. Create goal-destined shots from impossible angles. Control the game with every touch in ACE. These football boots have a 3D Control Skin upper that delivers precise control with zero wear-in time. Designed to dominate on artificial grass.

Engineered 3D Control Skin upper for supreme ball control
TOTAL CONTROL stud alignment for artificial grass (long bladed synthetic fibre)
Synthetic and textile upper / Synthetic lining / Synthetic outsole

One hour of fast paced football in very wet conditions on a 3g pitch and, I was completely sold on these boots. I had no issues with grip on the wet surface and, I’m totally convinced that they have been much kinder to my ankle & knee joints. That’s a win win right there.

Check them out here.

And this was the result of my Garmin watch tracking my running. We played 9 a-side on half the pitch. 3.1 Miles.

All in all, a good night with plenty of running and some fast crisp passing… and, a couple of awful shots on goal to keep me humble.