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Following the album’s initial Tidal release, West declared his intentions to continue altering the music, declaring it a “living breathing changing creative expression.”

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On June 14, The Life of Pablo was updated again for the third time after the album’s initial release. The update included an additional track titled “Saint Pablo” featuring Sampha, and other miscellaneous alterations.


Discussing the album’s continued alterations, Jayson Greene of Pitchfork asked “at what point is a record “over”, and who gets to make the call? Kanye West is seeing how far he can stretch the point right now, in a way no pop star has ever quite tried”, describing West as “testing the shifting state of the “album cycle” to see if he can break it entirely, making his album like another piece of software on your phone that sends you push updates.” Winston Cook-WIlson of Inverse described the album as “a fluid construct”, writing that “as a way of holding the public’s attention span, Kanye’s choice to continue to tweak The Life is Pablo indefinitely is genius […] It encourages people spend time processing an album that deserves it: a bewildering, sprawling, and controversy-courting piece of art.

– The above excerpts are from Wikipedia – source here.

I was briefly explaining what Kanye has done with The Life of Pablo to someone today.

I probably didn’t do it justice but, I do reckon it’s a modern day work of art.

Art divides opinion of course.