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What happens after everyone has looked at your content?  Your viral video, article, post, status, advertisement, photograph…

If you had a purpose or a call to action then, did the people who looked, watched or read act upon what they saw? You can be watched by thousands of people and still have very little impact.

So far this week, my post on the Ballymena public realm scheme has been viewed and read a lot of times – here.

And as a result we have discovered that hundreds, maybe thousands of people are angry about Ballymena. Now, imagine a positive reaction from all of those people.

A reaction that is far more than just comments, opinions and angry agreement. A reaction that causes movement.

After everyone has looked at your content, what next?

Maybe read Ballymena Today and share the conversation we are having there or, commit to buying locally more than you maybe already do. Maybe you have other ideas, this is not a pitch to try and get you to like me or keep reading my blog… but, seriously. What will you do next?