Four records that I can’t stop listening to

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I was asked this morning on twitter for some music recommendations… here are four records that I can’t stop listening to of late. Ok, the Royal Blood album came out yesterday but the others have been playing for a bit longer now…

1/ Royal Blood: Royal Blood 2/ Kate Tempest: Everybody Down
3/ Stephen Steinbrink:  Arranged Waves 4/ Watsky: All You Can Do

How about you?

I love discovering new music so hit me with any recommends…

The GivR

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Hiut / Style

The Tech Jean is a patented fabric that has been designed for the active man and woman. At its core is a crimped polyester that is designed to flex, and then go back into shape. This polyester is then wrapped using a secret process with cotton. Clever stuff. So you have the best of both worlds. A jean that gives like polyester but feels like good old cotton. So it’s great to ride your bike into work, it’s quick drying, but in the office they just look like a great cut of black jean. Stealth Tech, we call it. [Read more here]

A Coffee & Tea Festival

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Food & Drink

The Dublin Coffee & Tea Festival is a show dedicated to celebrating all that’s new and exciting on the Coffee and Tea scene.

From harvesting to brewing and artisan catering to equipment, this show will showcase every aspect of the coffee & tea world and all the enjoyment that goes with it….

I like Coffee… you will have noticed that. I also like Tea…

We are pretty excited about the Dublin Coffee & Tea Festival which is only a few weeks away now. Earlier today I posted a discount promo code on Coffee Ni that will get you a reduced ticket price – here.

This feels like just one of many exciting coffee related things happening right now[ish].

I’ll tell you about the other things when they happen eh… in the meantime, we reckon the festival is going to be super fun. Bring on the coffee! If you like tea or coffee, we reckon you should get er booked…