What’s that, a trick picture out there?

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The Sopranos
Tony & Carmela

“We both made our choices, I’m fine with mine.”

Charmaine Bucco says this to Carmela in Episode 3 – Anger, Denial, Acceptance.

Artie Bucco is Tony’s friend and wants to be loyal but, he is also envious of Tony… he’s ambitious and unsatisfied with life and, he knows Tony can help him get ahead in the world despite the risks. Being associated with the important powerful man can be an enticing thing right? His wife Charmaine is well aware of what it means to be mobbed up and warns Artie of the dangers all too often but, even for her it seems impossible to disassociate themselves completely… if nothing else, for the sake of their business they need Tony and his two families to keep eating at Vesuvio.

Dealing with people who you would rather not associate with is often a tension we must contend with in life right?

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The perfect mini trend – Book Clutch

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Books / Style

Book clutches are a super little mini trend which I hope hits the high street soon. Kate Spade is the master of this trend, practically launching it and supplying the best witty books.


Here is a little number especially for the World Cup in Rio!Untitled

Or snap up any of these for 328 dollars a pop!

Now you know why I’m waiting until it hits the high street, hopefully the price will drop!

Northern Ireland’s image problem

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An “image problem” may explain a fall in visitor numbers to Northern Ireland from across the border, according to a review of the tourism industry.

Overnight visitors from the Republic of Ireland declined by 7% in 2013.

A report for the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) said “social unrest over parades and flags” had potentially had an impact.

It also said the local tourism industry was worried about “continuing sectarianism and racial prejudice”.

The report said there needed to be “concerted action to promote a safe and secure image of Northern Ireland, including targeted marketing”.

The review was ordered by DETI minister Arlene Foster last year.

It calls for a need “to deepen the relationship” between the Northern Ireland Tourist Board (NITB) and Invest NI.

It rules out a merger, but suggests a shared office and renaming the Tourist Board either Visit NI or Discover NI.

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I completely understand that sometimes a change of name or re-brand is good for organisations or businesses but aren’t we missing the point here?

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Why I stopped blogging about Jesus

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  1. You and I do not have to blog about our faith. I always knew that!
  2. All of the interaction I encountered was from other Christians!
  3. Religious people are the most annoying users of social media.
  4. You can’t share your faith as well as you think you can in 140 characters or in blog posts.
  5. I was tired of nit-pickers who couldn’t look me in the eye but were all over my online content.

No. 5 may sting a bit!

It’s not intended to be directed at specific people… none of this is… not really!

I’ve been doing this for 10+ years and here’s where I’m at right now! It frustrated me deeply for too long to not get up and leave the table.

Gaolhouse Denim

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Design / Style

Of the 85,000 prisoners in the UK, only 10,000 of them are in everyday work. The rest, well, they sit in their cell waiting for their sentence to pass. It’s no secret that the UK government want to try and get all prisoners to engage in a full working week, the only remaining problem is finding enough work. to provide them with. And with that an idea was born, and so our name came to be.

Read more about Gaolhouse Denim here.

I love this… their jeans look great… but, fashion and [my] hipster tendencies aside… this idea and vision is amazing.

I’d love a pair!