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some recent images: food
Whipping up some food is always a pleasure…

some recent images: me
On Saturday I led three hour long seminars on the Internet & Social Media plus took a quick selfie…

some recent images: coffee
I’ve had a relentless cold for a couple of weeks and lost my sense of smell & taste so I’m looking forward to beautiful coffee again when that settles…


I have dived in and out of social media sites for years. The ones that have stuck… we all know them. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have been the main players and rarely has anyone came to close to competing with them. We thought this was interesting from Ello.

I think it’s what we built. We made a platform that is fun to use and doesn’t have ads. We don’t consider Facebook to be a competitor. We consider them to be an advertising platform more than a social network. Facebook’s customer is the advertiser. Everything they do is to make money for that customer. The thing that is being bought and sold are the users and user data. … Our business model doesn’t include any of that. Ello is much simpler and cleaner. A social network is a place to be in contact with each other and talk to friends. If it becomes full of ads, it becomes clunky and cluttered and a little violating. That’s what people are responding to and why they are coming over to Ello.

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I am on Ello here

Some free social media advice

I’ve had a few conversations recently about social media with people and here’s some things I have said/discussed…

Follow people.. that’s a no brainer right? You’d be surprised!

Share information

Champion others

Pay attention

Keep telling a story…

Stop looking for an angle

Look for more angles

Be honest

Take ownership

Don’t lie in your bio… ie: social media experts & analysts have more than 5 followers on twitter.

Don’t buy followers. Social media ‘experts’ do this and we can spot them a mile away.

Connect with some of the people in reality, not all… some… you will have to ignore some people. It is what it is!

Build a community of interested followers

Ask for help

Or… on other hand, don’t!

It’s important to discuss things with people…

Photograph: Suki Dhanda for the Guardian
Photograph: Suki Dhanda for the Guardian

It’s great discussing things with people who do agree with you, and that’s a very nice way of spending an evening; but actually, it’s important to discuss things with people who not only strongly believe in opposing ideas, but also have the arguments lined up for what they believe in – and then to see if, by the end of it, you think they are right. Politicians get into a lot of trouble for U-turns, but actually a U-turn is a sign of a subtle mind, and we ought to be more open to people changing their minds.

Wise words from Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg as he gives feedback on his “blind date” with Natalie Bennett from the Green party. Read more here.

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