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Cushendun stands on an elevated beach at the outflow of the Glendun and Glencorp valleys. The name in Irish is Cois an Duine, meaning Foot of the Dun, identifying the village’s location at the mouth of the River Dun. [source]

We love Cushendun!

Everyone [almost] goes to the usual places in Northern Ireland when the sun shines, we decided that a quieter place was needed on Friday. When we arrived on the beach at 11am it was magical… a virtually deserted beach with the calmest clearest sea ahead of us!

We also discovered the newly opened National Trust owned Corner House, where we had a great lunch and tasty coffee to go… check them out on Facebook here

For your viewing pleasure

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Life / Music

Trips to the cinema have been sparse over the past few months due to a lack of time and relatively few films being released that we actually wanted to see. Here are four films that we are really looking forward to seeing very soon on DVD.


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We have a new appreciation for music documentaries after loving “Shut up and play the Hits” featuring LCD Soundsystem and “Mission to Lars” so we cannot wait to watch “Mistaken by Strangers”.

We also know that “The Grand Budapest Hotel” has had a few rough reviews but we love Wes Anderson and want to keep up with his latest work.

“Calvary” is one that never appeared in our local cinema which is such a shame as it is a black comedy set in Ireland. Hopefully we can watch “The Guard” which also stars Brendan Gleeson along with the same director as part of a trilogy of their work together.

Have you seen anything above? Or do you want to recommend something awesome for us to watch?

Ring-a-ring-a Ringly

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Check out the latest in wearable technology

“Ringly creates beautiful smart jewelry and accessories that keep you effortlessly connected to the things that matter most. Our core belief is that technology can be more discreetly integrated into our lives. Ringly places fashion and simplicity first, and our first product line is a collection of rings.”

What do you think? I’m glad to see technology distilled into a feminine, wearable piece of jewellery which is actually worth more than the tech held inside it.


Taking God at His Word

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“The purpose of the Holy Spirit is not ultimately to make you smart, or make you relevant, or make you rich, or get you a job, or get you married, or take all your problems away, or tell you where to live. The aim is that you might be wise enough to put your faith in Christ and be saved. Nothing else in the world has this ability. The word of the president is important. The word of you parents is to be honoured. The word of your spouse is to be treasured. But only the word of God can save. “

Taking God at His Word by Kevin DeYoung