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This is Supersimbo. A small creative business in Northern Ireland. We are Ally & Cherry Simpson.


The Weekend Effect

Encroaching work demands—coupled with domestic chores, overbooked schedules, and the incessant pinging of our devices—have taken a toll on what used to be our free time: the weekend. With no space to tune out and recharge, every aspect of our lives is suffering: our...

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Apolitical 1: having no interest or involvement in political affairs; also : having an aversion to politics or political affairs 2: having no political significance I've tried. I really have tried. I just don't believe any of them. When I look around, here's what I...

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Have an idea? Looking for information? We like to keep busy so we aren’t always able to say yes to every opportunity, project or idea. You can still contact Ally but, he hardly ever answers his phone or listens to voicemail.


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