An Authentic Brand

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What makes an authentic brand? Why do you and I get excited about some brands and not others? Why do I bang on about some coffee and not others or some jeans and not others? It’s not just about my tastes being different from yours is it?

I think this helps to explain…

An authentic brand is not something you create. That’s a logo (and no, a logo is not the same thing as a brand). A brand is something that should emerge from the real, genuine interaction among people, something we call culture. Your culture is the result of shared experience, shared learning and, at its best, a commitment to a higher purpose – a cause you all feel is worth contributing to.

Source : Mean Your Marketing and be your Brand by David Meade

Photo credit: Vinoth Chandar

Wildly co

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Kickstarter has completely changed how people are approaching their business. Ideas are suddenly full of passion rather than focused on profits and margins and people are following their gut rather than a managed business plan. So it is now possible to start a business by having a dedicated fan base rather than a strong financial foundation. While I think that there is room for both the traditional and unconventional business start up I cant help but be excited about the kickstarter phenomonon and am interested in seeing how each of these fledgling businesses fend in the ‘real ‘ working world.

Here is the latest Kickstarter project to catch my eye.

What do you think. Sounds good to me – the idea of having a  co-ordinating capsule wardrobe shipped over to me each season sound amazing. But also being ethical, and for kids – I can imagine parents everywhere signing up for this one. Click here for more information.

Four records that I can’t stop listening to

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I was asked this morning on twitter for some music recommendations… here are four records that I can’t stop listening to of late. Ok, the Royal Blood album came out yesterday but the others have been playing for a bit longer now…

1/ Royal Blood: Royal Blood 2/ Kate Tempest: Everybody Down
3/ Stephen Steinbrink:  Arranged Waves 4/ Watsky: All You Can Do

How about you?

I love discovering new music so hit me with any recommends…

The GivR

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The Tech Jean is a patented fabric that has been designed for the active man and woman. At its core is a crimped polyester that is designed to flex, and then go back into shape. This polyester is then wrapped using a secret process with cotton. Clever stuff. So you have the best of both worlds. A jean that gives like polyester but feels like good old cotton. So it’s great to ride your bike into work, it’s quick drying, but in the office they just look like a great cut of black jean. Stealth Tech, we call it. [Read more here]