Ever wondered what all the fuss in about

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Ever wondered what all the fuss in about with Fashion Week? Blogger everywhere are going mental trying to get snapped by a streetstyler outside a fashion show in their most on trend outfit. While I love seeing what designers are putting on the catwalk I am a little mystified by the general circus which surrounds Fashion Week these days.

Want an insiders view? Susie Bubble has made a short film for the BBC from backstage at London Fashion Show.


Susie Bubble is the creator of Style Bubble which is one of the first fashion blog I started reading. Before her I’m pretty sure I didn’t even know that people were blogging about fashion online and I remember reading every post from her archive over many cups of strong tea and a few hob nobs. Susie is charming and has a real eye for a trend – I won’t be copying any of he looks any time soon, she is an all or nothing type of gal, but her voice is one of the most respected in online fashion commentary.

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Click here to enjoy her blog or click above to watch the programme.

Albums to get excited about

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It has been a while since we have gotten excited about music but we are delighted with U2 and Ryan Adams who released records earlier this month and looking forward to the new stuff by Prince and the debut by Hozier. Syncing our new playlists now.

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