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One on Spotify

This started life as an art project/idea to create a track of some kind for each day of the year.

Ambient, electronic, soundtrack-esque…

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I could compile some of the moments I like so far and, release them as a short album. 17 mins or thereabouts. Soundscapes, scrapes and no-scapes is a phrase I keep using. I think that explains it best.

Behind the scenes I have 80+ tracks created, many like this, some very different… I’ll be continuing that throughout the year and aim to release more.

Also, this has served as a reminder to me that artists and ‘creative’ people create and then they publish. You have to. People need to see and hear your work. And, it’s easier than ever to do it yourself. I’ll say more about that another time.

You can listen to One here…


Time’s up

I don’t know what to make of this…

For me, it’s too late. Time’s up.

I flirted with leaving social media platforms last year but, re: Facebook…

Time’s up.

That Ballymena Bandstand

I said this last night on Twitter:

Ok. So… cost & all other criticisms that people may have aside. This new bandstand is and I think, will be very impressive, creatively and artistically speaking. Here’s why I’ve decided this:

It’s brutal. It stands out. It’s abstract. I’m not sure if those qualities are at all intended by those who have planned it though… but, I like these qualities in design.

That said, it is just a bandstand…

And it doesn’t really fit in at all with the surroundings but, does that matter? I don’t know the answer to that, I’m not a “town planner.”

This construction has been controversial locally. People have questioned the cost, the design and whether there is any need for a new bandstand. There are of course reasons why the council and others powers-that-be have done this…

I don’t really care about that to be honest.

But, it is going to look a little mad in our town centre. I can get on board for that reason alone.

Plant Killers rejoice

Plant Killers rejoice

I’d love to be better with plants.

I think I have cared for more than I’ve killed but, I know some folks who just wont have house plants because they almost always end up dead… the plants, not the owners.

This is a fun alternative eh…



Entitlement and History repeating

Entitlement and History repeating

At the moment, it’s millennials who are accused of this kind of entitlement, despite their shrinking access to nice things — secure jobs, employer-provided health care, affordable housing — that baby boomers took for granted. But similar complaints echo backward. Twenty-five years ago, it was Generation X that was criticised for the same things, in the same terms, sometimes in the same publications. “Grow Up, Crybabies, You’re America’s Luckiest Generation,” sighed a 1993 Washington Post headline. “They’re impatient waiting for job promotions and want all the perks associated with ‘paying one’s dues’?” — a bank employee said that in a 1997 article in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. To read a 2013 article in Time magazine calling millennials “lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow” feels like having dozed off years ago and woken up just in time to see history repeated.


History always repeats…