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Other great Teemill shops

We made Teemill so that anyone could skip ahead 10 years and plug into the best technology we have in our supply chain. Teemill helps the next generation of brands design incredible products that are more sustainable. Because it’s free, they can be in profit from day one.

Our first interaction with a brand using Teemill was with Choose Love for Help Refugees. Great T-shirts. Great cause.

Katharine Hamnett, creator of the 80’s slogan t-shirt, has donated her slogan CHOOSE LOVE – a twist on her iconic CHOOSE LIFE slogan t-shirt.

A couple of weeks ago we discovered Croydon vs The World.

Here’s a couple of others who are selling great products

Red Paddle Co.
Nocturnal Creature Ldn

As you can see, using Teemill to start our brand with some shirt designs was a no-brainer.

Now, go snag yourself a shirt.

Bring the Ruckus.

All our Ruckus F.C. posts are here.

Ruckus F.C. + customer service

In the e-commerce fashion world, return rates of 20-40% are common. That means 20-40% of all product most companies send out comes back for some reason. Returns, exchanges, problems – it’s part of the game. The only way to get no issues, is not to play.

At Teemill our return rate is very low (in single-digits) largely due to the optimisation of our shops, size chart advice and photography.

The point is, zero returns, exchanges and issues is not possible: If you’re selling, you will encounter a return, exchange, refund etc: It will happen: It’s totally normal.
It might be a question from a customer about the product’s manufacturing provenance, the fit and feel, or it might be an expression of disappointment or a request for a refund or exchange.

Whatever the issue is, we’ll sort it the same working day.

Read their full post here.

Why does this matter?

Small businesses with dedicated full-time staff find it hard enough to handle customer service quickly and efficiently. We’ve already said that Ruckus F.C. is a side-project so we aren’t on hand all the time to deal with issues that may crop up for customers. As well as that, being online and shipping to almost anywhere in the world means our shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Teemill offers an amazing solution to this problem with first-class customer service. So, you don’t need to worry about whether I got your email about a return at 3am in the morning. And I don’t need to worry about whether the wrong size of shirt you ordered is being handled and re-posted. It’s sorted. Teemill have it all under control.

Check out our Ruckus F.C. store here. Or if you want to see the previous Ruckus F.C. posts to understand better what this brand is all about go here.

Next up, we’ll talk about some of the other super brands and causes using Teemill

Ruckus FC + sustainability

There are so many things about Teemill that we love and while we are building our Ruckus F.C. brand we’d love to share some of the reasons why we are using them. We know you can just head over to their website and see for yourself but we really want to share why this stuff is important to us.

Teemill may well be nifty in terms of the high tech, efficient and profitable business model but it started out as a sustainability project and continues to be a trailblazer in an era where low impact matters. If you sell t-shirts online with Teemill, that means your brand and product get sustainability as standard.

We wanted to reduce waste using technology and were inspired by a rumour that Dell only hold 1 hours stock at any one time – at that moment, we had around 6 months of stock, half of it was probably never going to sell. A complete waste that plagues the industry, which explains all the sales and subsequent race-to-the-bottom culture.

Read their full post here.

Why Does this matter?

Over the years I’ve been around lots of projects that are not necessarily bad ideas. Here’s how it goes; You create and invest in products. You sell some of the stock but, you end up with unsold items. You might reduce prices and offer discount deals to try and clear stuff. Maybe you’re lucky and you get rid of the stock but, did you make a profit? And then suddenly it’s over. The window shuts. All of a sudden you might find yourself with a room full of stuff.

T-shirts. CD’s. Badges. Stickers. Banners. Hats. Soap. Pens. Plates. Whatever your product was…

Having an engaged following on social media may help you get a few sales but, if you want to chock up big numbers to clear a lot of stock then you need more than just a good idea and some friends. Time and patience to build aren’t always luxuries that your business or project will be afforded.

Teemill removes the issue of stock investment for us.

It’s really that simple.

Check out our Ruckus F.C. store here. Or if you want to see the previous Ruckus F.C. posts to understand better what this brand is all about go here.

Next up, we’ll talk about customer service…

What about these Ruckus shirts

First we have to thank Choose Love and Croydon Vs The World for the heads up about Rapanui and Teemill.

We’ve been wearing the Choose Love shirts for about a year now and have been mulling over the idea of a small side-project brand for quite a while. Amateur football clubs and collectives inspired me to kick into action.

Here’s the straight-up truth though, we can’t hold stock or invest in a location, we aren’t aiming for a fashion take-over [yet] and we know that creating a brand from scratch is hard work. None of this is negative though.

Isn’t modern technology, social media and the Internet great?

So what about the actual T-shirts?


Certified 100% Organic Cotton t-shirt (155g/m2)
Made in an ethically accredited, wind-powered factory
Low Carbon
GM Free
Hand finished in the UK
Wash Cool
Hang Dry


It is almost impossible to make an ethical choice if you don’t know where clothing comes from, how it is made and who made it. With us you can take a more in depth look at the supply chain and find out how the certified organic products we use are made, who makes them and how they get here. It is called traceability.


Use the trace map below to explore this specific product. Click and drag to move map, use your mouse scroll or the white + to zoom.


We will be opening soon…

Bring the ruckus? What am I saying here?

It’s ok to…

Tell the truth
Be kind
Challenge a broken system
Not follow the crowd
Stand out for who you are
Take the insult on the chin
Give something away
Lower your voice
Listen more
Not be afraid to fail
Embrace change
Talk less
Do more
Ask for help

Inspired by amateur football clubs and collectives. Inspired by turning 40, culture, creativity, work, faith, community and my incessant need to not be normal or to conform (whatever that means) or to follow the establishment (whatever that is) And loads of other things.

A ruckus doesn’t have to be a negative thing


That’s all for now, more coming soon.

Ruckus F.C.


A row or commotion.


Late 19th century: perhaps related to ruction and rumpus.

It’s 2017.

In 2017 you don’t necessarily have to say or do something bad to start a row or a commotion.

Inspired by amateur football clubs and collectives like Chinatown Soccer Club, Guerilla F.C, Croydon vs the World… and loads of others.

A ruckus doesn’t have to be a negative thing.



Meetings? No thanks

All those meetings you have tomorrow–they were just cancelled. The boss wants you to do something productive instead.

What would you do with the time? What would you initiate?

If it’s better than those meetings were going to be, why not cancel them?


I hate meetings. The actual practical progress or decisions that need to made about anything can be achieved far quicker and easier than any meeting I’ve ever sat through has managed. Ever.

I’m not running a big organisation or a country though so I get that some of you might scoff at what I’ve just said.

But seriously.

I’m a doer. I’d rather do than talk.

It’s not personal.

How to create a great website

Here are principles I think you can’t avoid:


1. Fire the committee. No great website in history has been conceived of by more than three people. Not one. This is a dealbreaker.


2. Change the interaction. What makes great websites great is that they are simultaneously effortless and new at the same time. That means that the site teaches you a new thing or new interaction or new connection, but you know how to use it right away. (Hey, if doing this were easy, everyone would do it.)


3. Less. Fewer words, fewer pages, less fine print.


4. What works, works. Theory is irrelevant.


5. Patience. Some sites test great and work great from the start. (Great if you can find one). Others need people to use them and adjust to them. At some point, your gut tells you to launch. Then stick with it, despite the critics, as you gain traction.


6. Measure. If you’re not improving, if the yield is negative… kill it.


7. Insight is good, clever is bad. Many websites say, “look at me.” Your goal ought to be to say, “here’s what you were looking for.”


8. If you hire a professional: hire a great one. The best one. Let her do her job. 10 mediocre website consultants working in perfect harmony can’t do the work of one rock star.


9. One voice, one vision.


10. Don’t settle.

Seth Godin posted this ten years ago here.

Ten. Years. Ago.

Still great principles.