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A social media strategy for your business! A dedicated town centre digital media solution… whatever way you are labelling your plans and ideas, a slow disciplined approach is best.

Slow… because it takes time but also because you need to really think about what you are doing. Simple right?

Spend the time it takes to do social media properly, or don’t even bother being there. It’s a truly valuable marketing channel that deserves your time and brain-power. You need to be disciplined and make time to plan everything from content generation right through to time for communication – which is still the most important thing of course! Always, always make sure you have a valid case for being present on a platform, time is precious, and many a business has lost it in social media.

Read the full article Social Media Marketing is Painstakingly Slow here.

Why am I saying this?

Our input into Ballymena Today is charged with a belief that you can’t rush these things. There’s no quick fix. The same goes for Coffee Northern Ireland and every other business and organisation whose social media and online content we are involved with managing and producing.

We write about Ballymena because we love our town and believe that it’s beneficial and effective to do so. We aren’t just winging it… same goes for Coffee NI… and the others.

I’ve been around this thing for a really long time and making a lasting impact that really influences and changes things… well, that takes time! Convenience and speed are not the goals. It’s community and change that we want.